Leap Motion +1

Being a while after the last post, we have came up with a Leap Motion. This amazing device uses hand and finger motions as input, analogous to a mouse, but requiring no hand contact or touching.

After few hours of investigation on how to install Leap Motion in Fedora 20, our new development enviroment, we have found this github repository. In it, the author provide some scripts to create the RPM package, install it and finally create the leapd service.

Here is a screenshot of the Visualizer app taken after the installation:


Screenshot from 2014-06-02 01:18:44



In following posts we will be following this example that uses the LeapJS SDK to transfer data collected by the Leap Motion using a node.js server to the Android device.

Also we will be trying to emulate the amazing presentation posted in the Leap Motion blog.




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