Humanistic Intelligence (HI)

Wearable computers are perfect to embody HI, to take a first step toward an intelligent wearable signal processing system that can facilitate new forms of communication through collective connected H.I..

Humanistic Intelligence is a signal processing framework in which:

  1. Intelligence arises by having the human being in the feedback loop of the computational process
  2. The processing apparatus is inextricably intertwined withthe natural capabilities of the human mind and body.

Rather than trying to emulate human intelligence, HI recognizes that the human brain is perhaps the best neural network of its kind.

Another feature of HI is the ability to multi-task. It is not necessary for a person to stop what they are doing to use a wearable computer because it is always running in the background, so as to augment or mediate the human’s interactions. Wearable computers can be incorporated by the user to act like a prosthetic, thus forming a true extension of the user’s mind and body.

There are three fundamental operational modes of an embodiment of HI: Constancy, Augmentation, and Mediation.

Firstly, there is a constantly of user interface, which implies an “always ready” interactional constancy, supplied by a continously running opetational constancy. Wearable computers are unique in their ability to provide this “always ready” condition which might, for example, include a retroactive video capture for a face recognition reminder system. After-the-fact devices like traditional cameras and palmtop organizers cannot provide this retrospective computing capability.

Secondly, there is an augmentational aspect in which computing is NOT the primary task. Again, wearable computing is unique in their ability to be augmentational without being distracting to a primary task like navigating through a corridor, or trying to walk down stairs.

Thirdly, there is a meditational aspect in which the computational host can protect the human host from information overload, by deliberately diminished reality, such as by visually filtering out advertising signage and bilboards.





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